The Story of "Don't Turn Around"

One morning early in 1971 Stuart Bascombe, Russell Patterson and Patrick Adams boarded a bus at New York Port Authority traveling to Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia was the home of Sigma Sound Studio, owned by Joe Tarsia, where many of the…

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Happy 60th Birthday Leroy Burgess August 20, 2013

Please join the members of Black Ivory in wishing Leroy Burgess a Happy 60th Birthday. Leroy is a founding member of the group and is the earliest remaining member to join. Leroy Burgess is the voice most often associated with…

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"Yo dude, whatever happened to your 'fro?"

Afronautical Artifacts ... or ”Yo dude, what happened to your ‘fro?”


Stuart Bascombe - March 9, 2013


Welcome Black Ivory fans and other visitors. This is the first installation of The Black Ivory Blog. I’ve never done a blog before,…

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